Commercial Brokers Services

If you are a Broker and need assistance or an outlet for placing your current projects, then please consider our commercial brokering programs. Each program is different and pays differently. Check out the table below for highlights of the various programs.

Comparison Referral Program Basic Brokering Program Master Broker Program Protégé Program
Monthly Loan Submissions 2 4 8 12
Fee Agreement From Client Required
Document Collection And Review
Client Introduction Required
Group Training Calls
Replays Only

Replays Only
Personal Training And Instructions
Members Site
Members Forum
Fees Paid .25% Of Gross Loan .75% Of Gross Loan 1% Of Gross Loan 50% Of All Fees
Web Site Included
Broker Directory Listing *NEW*
Free Listing

Premium Listing

Premium Listing
*Required Registration Fee* $0 $47.00 $175.00 $350.00
Price FREE $19.95/month $29.95/month $49.95/month