Commercial Brokers Services

If you are a Broker and need assistance or an outlet for placing your current projects, then please consider our commercial brokering programs. Each program is different and pays differently. We offer 4 Commercial Brokering Programs and 1 service. Each program pays differently and require more or less involvement.

1. Broker Referral Program
This program was created for the individual that don’t care to get involved in the loan process and would rather make a referral and earn a fee if the referral results in a funding.  Click Here To Learn More

2. Basic Brokering Program
This program was created for the individual that are willing to be “moderately involved” in the loan process by acting as a conduit by gathering and reviewing all required documents. Good communication skills are essential and the Broker earns a larger Fee for this effort. As a result of your involvement, you will earn higher fees and more financing opportunities.  Click Here To Learn More

3.Master Broker Program
This program was created for  professional broker with experience in talking with clients and has a basic understanding of the loan and financing process. Participants in this program should be independent worker, self motivated and comfortable marketing and prospecting for clients. Good communication skills are essential and you earn larger fees for your efforts. Unlike the other programs, this program is designed for the seasoned and experience Broker. Click Here To Learn More.

4.New Protege Program
This program was created because of the high demand we received for coaching and personal training. Although it is a pilot program, it combines personal training and Brokering opportunities. With this program, you will receive personal one on one coaching with a complete step by step system to follow. We’ve included everything needed to start brokering commercial loans including a professional web site and other essential tools. This is a personal training and mentoring program more so than a brokering program. Unlike the other programs, this program pay a 50% fee share and potential JV opportunities. Click Here To Learn More.

5. Lender Introductory Service
If you aren’t interested in getting involved in our broker programs and simply need a funding source for your current projects, then this program is one to consider. With this service, you submit to us your specific loan request and we will locate, and screen 2 potential funders that have:
* Funded a project similar in size as your project.
* Funded a project in the city and state as your project.
* Is an active and direct Funder.

Once we have located 3 potential funders for your project, we will conduct a conference call with you and Lenders and personally introduce you to the Lender. At this point, you will work directly with the Funder and negotiate your fees etc. All your fees will be 100% yours. We will not be involved in beyond this point. All your fees and earnings are yours and you owe us nothing. This service is ideal for non-performing and under performing properties and unusual financing situations.

Submit Your Request Here   Or    Contact Us For Pricing.